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19 December 2007 @ 07:07 pm
Merry Christmas Katie aka anitgonesgift  
I would have posted this yesterday but I wasn't sure if I was suppose to email it or post it for you. I hope you like this.  I usually write mpreg and some times this stories can be hard for me and I been in a HUGE writers block.

For: antigonesgift
Title: Paradise
Summary:  The boys take a long deserve vacation on a cruise ship.
Pairings: Sam/Dean
Beta Reading: deej1957
Rating: PG-13

I hope you enjoy this and have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new years.


Sam and Dean pull into the parking lot. They hop out of the impala and pull their bags from the back. Dean slams the trunk and together they walk down the dock to the pier, and up to the ship. Sam smiles at Dean and pulls him into a hug. Dean smiles back as he leans into the kiss.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

Sam smiles. “ Well, it’s nice; for once we get paid for a job. And I thought we deserved a vacation.”

Dean smiles as he looks around the cruise ship. Sam just holds on to Dean as the ship slowly leaves the dock. Sam nibbles Dean’s neck. Dean smiles and turns around in his brother’s arms and puts his arms around his neck. He smiles at Sam before leaning in to kiss him.

Sam leads them down the deck to their cabin. Sam rips off Dean’s shirt and tumbles him to the bed, kneeling between his legs. He undoes Dean’s belt and pushes his pants down past Dean’s hips and off.

Dean leans up, kissing Sam as he pulls off Sam’s shirt. He undoes Sam’s jeans and pushes them off.

Sam pushes Dean back down on the bed and leans down, kissing Dean as his hand gently runs over Dean’s body. Dean moans into the kiss as Sam smiles at the noise.

Sam moves down and takes Dean into his mouth. Dean lets out a gasp, and his head falls back as Sam sucks hard.

Dean can feel the pressure building up inside him as Sam sucks him hard, and he moans as he grips the comforter on the bed.

Sam scrapes his teeth along Dean’s length, getting a deep groan out of Dean as he does so.

Sam pulls off of Dean, picking up his legs at the thighs. In one quick move he pulls Dean down to the foot of the bed till his bottom is at the edge of the bed. He runs his hands over Dean’s butt cheeks before getting down on his knees. He slowly opens Dean’s butt cheeks, licking at the entrance.

Dean lets out a long moan as his eyes widen when Sam licks his entrance. He tries to take in a deep breath when he feels Sam stick tongue inside of him which he lets out in a gasp.

Sam smirks when he hears Dean gasp. He slowly sticks in one finger followed by the second until he has all four in Dean stretching the entrance.

Sam grips Dean’s knees as he pulls himself up. He looks at Dean before sliding his own length up against Dean’s entrance. He slips himself into Dean. He holds on to Dean’ s hips as he pulls back then thrusts hard into Dean. He keeps thrusting, getting harder with each thrust. He could feel is own pressure building with each thrust into Dean.

Sam reaches down, taking Dean’s length in his hand. He rubs Dean as he thrusts. Dean lets out a soft whimper. Dean tries to hold on to his pressure as Sam thrusts. Dean closes his eyes feeling Sam deep inside .

Sam pulls back and thrusts hard in Dean. Sam feels himself let go with the thrust. Dean feels Sam inside him. Sam leans down, taking Dean in his mouth, finishing Dean off. Dean lets go, not able to take anymore. Sam smiles as he swallows Dean down. He leans forward kissing Dean’s stomach softly. Dean smiles back weakly.

Sam slowly pulls out of Dean and falls next to him. He gives Dean a weak kiss on his lips as he lies back down and closes his eyes. Dean smiles into the kiss and snuggles close to Sam as he lies next to him.

They fall a sleep in each others arms. They sleep peacefully all night along.


Morning arrives and the sun shines into their cabin. Sam slowly starts to wake. He looks down at Dean as the warm sun shines on him making him look so angelic as he sleeps in his arms.

Sam slowly pulls himself from underneath Dean. He slowly gets up, not waking up Dean, and makes his way to the bathroom. He turns on the shower. Sam slowly washes himself off from the past night’s events.

All Sam can think of as he washes himself off was of that night with Dean. He just lets the flash backs play in his head like it’s a movie. Sam smiles at the images in his head. Sam takes in a deep breath, shuts off the water and gets out. He puts a towel around his waist, and walks back into the room where he picks up the phone to call room service. He orders up a nice romantic breakfast for them. He goes out on the balcony as he waits for the food.

After a few minutes Sam hears a knock at the door. He answers it before it can wake Dean. He pulls in the cart and sits it by the bed , slowly sitting down on the bed. He leans over Dean and kisses him softly on the lips.

Dean slowly opens his eyes after he feels the kiss on his lips. He looks up at Sam and smiles at him. “Morning.”

Sam smirks. “Morning to you, too. I ordered breakfast if you’re hungry.”

Dean smiles and wraps his arms around Sam neck, pulling him down and giving him a long kiss. “I could get spoiled with this, you know.”

Sam smilesat that. “You deserve the best and I love you.”

Dean smiles and sits up in bed. “I love you, too, Sammy.”

Sam gets up: fixing the food, he hands one plate to Dean and sits down next to him with his own plate. They eat breakfast in bed together.

After breakfast Sam takes the dishes and rolls the cart out of the room. He shuts the door , looks back at Dean and smirks. Dean smilesat that. Sam walks back over to the bed. He gently kneels down on the bed. He slowly crawls up the bed as Dean moves back.

Sam grabs Dean’s foot and pulls him down. Dean smiles. Sam kisses Dean as he removes his towel from his waist. He wraps Dean’s legs around his waist lifting Dean up of the bed. He slowly slips into Dean.

Dean’s hands fall back above his head. Sam grips Dean’s hips as he thrusts into Sam. Dean’s hands grab the railing of the bed. Sam keeps thrusting as Dean grips the railing tighter with each thrust. Dean lets out a loud moan as the bed shakes with Sam’s thrusts.

Sam thrusts into Dean letting go. He leans forward, kissing Dean’s stomach as he makes a trail up until his lips find Dean’s. Dean moans deep into the kiss. Sam rubs his leg up against Dean’s length making Dean moan louder into the kiss. Sam tugs on Dean’s lower lip as they kiss.

Dean grips Sam’s butt cheeks as they kiss. Sam kisses down Dean’s neck nibbling in the spot where his neck and shouldler meet. Dean lets out a small whimper at the feeling.

Sam leans back, getting off the bed. He goes to their bags where he digs out both of their bathing suits. He tosses Dean his as he puts on his own. Dean looks at the bathing suit and puts it on.

Sam slips on his flip flops and hand Dean his. He takes Dean’s hands, leading him out of the room. Sam leads Dean up to the deck. Dean sees where they’re docked. Sam leads Dean off the ship. He takes him to a local private beach that he had researched before they left.

Dean smiles as Sam lowers him down in the sand. Sam lays on top of Dean kissing his chest as he moves up his neck landing on Dean’s lips. Sam wraps Dean’s legs around his waist and picks him up. He carries Dean out into the crystal blue water. He takes them out until they are in waist high water. Sam kisses Dean, and lowers them into the water. . Sam holds on to Dean as he kisses him taking them completely under the water. Sam kisses Dean hard under the water. He smiles to Dean bring them back up. Sam slowly removes Dean’s suit tossing it on the beach. Sam removes his own tossing it next to Dean’s.

Sam goes under the water and swims in between Dean’s legs, stopping in between them. Sam goes up to Dean’s length. He takes Dean’s length into his mouth. He sucks, feeling Dean responding right off the bat.

Dean feels his knees go weak as Sam sucks. It takes all his strength to stay standing so he doesn’t hurt Sam.

Sam rubs Dean as he sucks him dry. Sam pops his head up from underneath the water after Dean releases himself. He smiles as he swallows it and takes in a deep breath of air.

He helps Dean to the beach since his legs are still unsteady under him. Sam lowers Dean into the soft white sand. Sam kisses Dean’s chest then plants one on Dean’s lips. He leans back lifting Dean’s legs over his shoulders. He slow slips himself into Dean. Dean moans at the feeling of Sam.

Sam thrusts deep into Dean. Sam holds on to Dean’s legs as he thrust into him.

Dean’s head falls back in the sand as his hand digs into the dirt in timing with the thrusts.. Sam feels himself on the edge. He thrusts faster and harder until he can’t hold it. He lets go. Dean lets out a moan that gets caught in the back of his throat. Sam lays his head down on Dean’s chest as they watch the sunset.

They lie there until the sun is completely down and the full moon is shining on the ocean. Sam rises and helps Dean up. He gets their bathing suits and hands Dean his. He slips his on and watches Dean slips his on. Sam slips his arm around Dean’s waist and walks them back to the ship.

Sam lets him and Dean into their room. He watches as Dean lays down on the bed. Sam comes over to the bed. He lies down next to Dean but not before removing his swimsuit. Dean snuggles into Sam’s strong arms and drifts off feeling safe. Dean moans in his sleep. Sam just tightens his hold on Dean as he sleeps.

Sam drifts off after watching Dean sleep peaceful in his arms. Dean is the first to wake up this time. He slowly slips out of Sam’s arms and just watches as Sam rolls over at the loss. Dean goes into the bathroom closing the door behind him.

Dean takes off his now dried bathing suit and turns on the shower. He stands under the water trying to wash away the sand that he has located everywhere. He can still feel Sam inside him from the night before which just brings a bigger smile then he already has on his face. Dean washes his body noting that Sam has woken up.

Sam wakes up to the shower and the loss of Dean. He gets up and quietly sneaks into the bathroom. He watches for the longest moment as he washes. Sam walks over to the shower and slowly steps into the shower. He quickly turns Dean around kissing him hard, to find himself already hard from watching Dean. Dean is taken by surprise by Sam but then smiles.

Sam pushes Dean’s stomach up against the cold tile wall. Sam kisses between Deans’s shoulder blades. “God Sammy!”

Sam smirks at that and slips himself into Dean. He thrusts a few times since he is already turned on after watching Dean. He releases and Dean squeezes his butt cheeks making Sam moan. Sam pulls out.

“Sammy, you’re going to have to stop this cause I’m not sure I’ll be able to survive this week.”

Sam smiles at that. “What? I can’t show the man I love a good time?”

Dean smiles and turns around, looking at Sam. “You can always show me a good time.”

Sam turns off the water and drags Dean out of the shower. He grabs a towel, drying off. He puts that towel around his waist and hands Dean another one . He walks out of the bathroom leaving Dean in there to dry himself off. Sam goes to the phone, making a call before Dean comes out. Sam lays on the bed waiting for Dean and the stuff he ordered.

Dean comes outs, smiling at Sam. Sam gets up and walks over to Dean. He takes Dean out on their balcony and wraps his arms around his waist, resting his chin on Dean’s shoulder as they watch the ocean.

Dean just enjoys being there with Sam and the beautiful scenery. Sam hears a soft knock at the door which Dean doesn’t hear. Sam kisses Dean’s neck before letting go and getting a small whimper out of Dean which makes him smile. Sam goes back in to answer the door. He rolls in the cart as Dean watches the water. Sam looks over the stuff making sure that it is all there.

He picks up two boxes. He opens ones that reveals red and white rose petals. He spreads them out on the bed. He opens the other one and takes out the object that he puts on one of the two sundaes there. He puts them in the little freezer. Sam smiles and gets ready for Dean to come in. “Dean?”

Dean drifts of in thought as he watches the water; he hears Sam call him breaking him out of thought. Dean turns around and walks in looking at Sam. “Yes.” Then he sees the bed and smiles.

“ Well, since you’ve been a good boy, I thought we could have some fun. Since you love your sweets I thought you could have some. We have all the makings for a human sundae.” Dean smiles at that. Sam takes Dean to the bed laying him down. Sam gets a spoonful of ice cream with some hot fudge on it. He feeds it to Dean getting a moan out of Dean. Sam drops some ice cream on Dean’s stomach making Dean flinch. Sam smiles and leans down, licking it off Dean’s stomach.

Sam feeds Dean all the ice cream. Sam rubs his hand over Dean’s slightly rounded full belly. He leans down, kissing it. He takes some chocolate and whip cream rubbing it around Dean’s nipples. He leans down sucking clean one nipple and getting a deep groan out of Dean as does it. He moves to the other one getting an even deeper moan.

Sam gently holds Dean swollen belly as he leans down, kissing it. He runs kisses over Dean’s stomach hearing in gurgle in response which brings a smile to Sam’s face. This just makes Dean’s cheeks go hot as they turn red. Sam spreads some chocolate over Dean’s lips. He leans up over Dean being careful of his stomach. He leans down kissing Dean on the lips and then starts sucking off the chocolate on his lips. Dean moans at Sam’s sucking. Sam sucks until there is no more chocolate on his lips. He runs his tongue over Dean’s lips Sam looks down at Dean and smiles. “Are you full, or do you think you could handle some food?” Gently he runs his hand down Dean’s stomach and over it smiling at is newly formed size.

Dean thinks for a second before responding. “What did you have in mind?”

Sam smirks and gets up. He goes over to the little freezer and pulls the two sundaes out. He shows Dean. “You can have them both or we can go with original plan and you have one and I have one. It’s up to you.”

Dean smiles. “You can have one unless you feed mine to me.”

Sam smile and nods . He comes to the bed and sits down one of the sundaes on the nightstand. He gets a spoonful of ice cream and feeds it to Dean.

Dean takes the bite with a smile and then feels something in his mouth. He slowly takes the object out of his mouth as Sam just smiles. He looks down at his hand to see a white gold band with a nice size diamond chip in it. Dean looks up at Sam.

Sam smiles. “Dean, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t want to ever lose you. So will you spend the rest of your life with me?” He wanted to say marriage but knew Dean probably wouldn’t go for that wording.

Dean looks at Sam stung. “Um…Wow, Sammy. I don’t know what to say… but… just YES!” There are tears in his eyes.

Sam smiles and slips the ring on Dean’s finger. Sam looks at Dean. “Who’s the girl now?”

Dean picks up the other sundae and dumps it over Sam’s head. Sam just sits there, confused by that action. He didn’t mean to piss off Dean. “Dean I didn’t mean it in a bad way.” He wipes the tear that falls.

Dean gets up and takes the other sundae out of Sam’s hand and puts it back into the freezer.

Sam lets out a deep sigh and stands up, heading to the bathroom knowing this wasn’t going like he had planned.

Dean looks at Sam. “Where do you think your going?”

Sam doesn’t look back at Dean. “I was going to get cleaned up.”

“I wouldn’t advise that.”

“Why not?”

“’Cause I won’t get to have my sundae.”

Sam turns around and looks at Dean for a long moment. “You’re not mad are you?”

Dean smiles. “No. I’ll admit I didn’t really care for the statement.”

“But I thought you were. I mean you dump the sundae on my head then cry.”

“I had the tears to start with it. It’s not everyday you hear the man you love saying he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Hell, Sam, I’ll admit I never thought I would hear those words and yes I’ll admit I did become a little girlish there for a sec. But I would like you to get back here before there’s none of my ice cream left on you and then I would have to get into your ice cream and you wouldn’t get any.”

Sam smiles and sits down on the bed “I don’t want that.”
Dean sits down next to him and leans over licking up some ice cream off Sam’s chest. Sam lets out a deep moan. Dean sucks Sam’s earlobe and Sam lets out another deep moan as Dean lets out a loud belch out of the blue.

He pulls back embarrassed. Sam laughs.

“Dean, it’s alright. You’re just digesting.” Sam runs his hand over Dean’s stomach.

“.” “I shouldn’t have to remind you that you made me this way!”

Sam smirks. “I like seeing you nice and full and content. It brings out your softer side.”

Dean just blushes as Sam leans into Dean kissing him. “I love you.”

Dean smiles. “I love you, too.”

Dean leans back on the bed and rests his hand down on his stomach. He looks down at his hand on his stomach that has the ring Sam just gave him; he stares at the ring, smiling .

Sam smiles at Dean. “I’m going to take a shower since I’m starting to feel sticky now. Maybe after I’m done we can share that sundae after all that settles down.” He rubs Dean’s stomach as he speaks.

Dean is just about to answer when another belch comes out in response. Sam smiles and leans over to give Dean a kisse on the cheek. “I’ll take that as a yes. I’ll leave the door open, if you need anything just yell.”

Dean nods and Sam goes into the bathroom turning on the shower. He gets into the shower. He takes an extra long shower as Dean watches some tv.

(Cruise ships don’t have enough hot water for an hour long shower…..?) Sam gets out of the shower. He dries off and puts the towel around his waist. He walks out of the bathroom and smiles at Dean who smiles back. He sits down next to him. “How are you feeling now?” He rubs Dean’s stomach, which has gone down in size since he started his shower.

“I’m fine. Feeling much better.” Sam smiles at that and kisses Dean’s stomach.

Dean smiles and pulls Sam into a long passionate kiss. He slides them down on to the bed. Dean snuggles into Sam’s arms where he falls asleep.

Sam smiles as he watches his brother sleep. He holds close and finally drifts off next to him.


Sam was the one who woke up first this time. He lets out a groan; it’s their last day. He gets up and heads into the bathroom without waking Dean . He turns on the shower. He steps into the warm water.

Dean wakes up to the water being turned on. He sits up in bed and rubs his eyes then heads into the bathroom. Stepping in behind Sam, he wraps his arms around him and kisses the back of his neck. (Cruise ship showers are barely large enough to fit one person, let alone two. Most people probably won’t know that, though, unless they’ve actually been on a cruise.)

Sam moans and turns around, looking at Dean. He holds Dean as They kiss.

“Sammy, I’m not going to forget this weekend. Thanks so much. I love you.”

Sam smiles. “You deserved it, and I love just being with you.”

“I can’t believe that we have to leave today.”

“I know, but we can always do it in the hotel rooms.” Dean smirks at that.

They get out of the shower and dry off. They pack up their bags and gets dressed. Sam pulls Dean into a kiss before they go up on the deck with their bags. Dean smiles as they walk along. Sam walks a few steps behind Dean and smirks; he can see Dean has put on a few pounds.

Dean turns around to see where Sam is and sees him smirking. “What?”

Sam just smiles and walks up to Dean, putting his arm around him. They walk back to the car and put their bags in the trunk. Sam hops in the car and Dean slides behind the wheel. They drive off, staring at the ring Sam gave him.

Sam smiles looking at the big grin on Dean’s face which puts a big smile on his own face as Dean drives them to the next job. Sam leans over, giving Dean a big kiss on the cheek as he drives. “I love you, Mr. Winchester.”

Dean feels his cheeks go warm.

The End and Happy Holidays

DeanLives: Kissingdeanlives on December 20th, 2007 06:29 am (UTC)
I'm so happy you liked it. I tend to write wincest with mpregs so my boys can be a happy family. But it's been a year since I wrote and I was just a chapter or so from ending one of my stories. But I'm really happy you loved it. If you would like I'll be happy to send you a copy just let me know.
(Deleted comment)
DeanLivesdeanlives on December 25th, 2007 04:36 am (UTC)
Oh I meant send you a copy of your story but I'll be happy to send you my other stories. I'm writing a sequel to yours for my other secret santa. It takes place just after the weekend. I just need to finish it and start up on finishing one and starting on a new story.
(Deleted comment)
DeanLivesdeanlives on December 25th, 2007 11:25 pm (UTC)
Hey we all have those moments. It will be posted to mpregwinchester and maybe my journal but not until New Years cause I'm still working on it.
DeanLivesdeanlives on January 7th, 2008 05:43 am (UTC)
I just want to let you know I posted the sequel at my Lj title Enchanted Mountain. Let me know what you think.
toyatezukatoyatezuka on January 3rd, 2008 05:26 am (UTC)
Okay, there sure is a LOTS of hot sex scene. Sundae? You sure are evil! All i can say it sure are HOT. And sweet. I mean all the breakfast, room service. I would love that too i mean who don't. It a nice oneshot mpreg story. I glad you recovering from your writer block though not fully. Bt you will be back soon. I'm sure of that!