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Not Without My Anus
09 November 2007 @ 02:18 am
Welcome to spn_santa! This is a community where you, as a Supernatural fan, participate in Secret Santa. It's not only for avid fans, also anyone who generally enjoys Supernatural.


Starting now until Sunday, November 25th, you can join the community and post your wishlists. After November 25th, the Secret Santas will be assigned. From November 27th until December 17th, you will be free to send your gifts to that person.


You may ask for and give anything you please. There is no limit. You can ask anything from fan fiction, fan mixes, icons to a cd or dvd you've been dying for. A paid account, an image account - the sky is the limit.


If you want to give someone something via snail mail, I will ask for their address. If you don't want anything via snail mail, please mention so in the wish list.


If someone hasn't seen so far into Supernatural (and mention so when posting), please don't spoil them. It isn't fun.


When you are posting, follow this format:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. Comments are screened.
Not Without My Anus
09 November 2007 @ 03:37 am
Name: Aimee
Username: __noabsolution
Email adress: negative__creep@hotmail.co.uk

What I can give: I can give fanfiction, graphics such as icons (and animated) and headers/banners, and I can do hand-drawn art. I could also try making fanmixes. I've so many playlists dedicated to fanmixes I'd make, but never got round to them.
What I would like: A John and Sam fic. I just love their relationship, and I'd love to read a fic based on that, and/or Sam and Dean messing each other around (re: Hell House) Fanmixesss. The more music, the better! It doesn't even have to be a fanmix, just music that you're into. Anything graphic related to Papa Winchester.
Favourite Character/s: Sam and Dean. I just can't choose!
Favourite Pairing/s: None, not really.

Anything else?: This t-shirt I would kill for. *coughsizemediumcough* Or actually, anything Muse.